Who We Serve

Our Clients Value a Personal Relationship with their Advisor

You deserve so much more than a call center.  Knowing our clients on a personal level and building our relationships over many years allows us to serve our clients better.

Retired, or close to it

We specialize in people who are retired or very close to it. This allows us to tailor our service and expertise to the unique needs of retirees.

Diligent saver

While our clients would hardly consider themselves to be “rich”, thanks to diligent saving & frugal living they have accumulated at least $250,000 of investable assets.

Nice people

This might sound cliché, but we will only work with genuinely nice people with whom we share a mutual respect.

Looking for a professional advisor

Our clients understand that the success of their retirement is too important to be doing it themselves, and they understand the value of having experienced guidance.

If this sounds like you, and you have saved at least $250,000 towards your retirement, we would love to speak with you. Please contact us here